The Virtue Of Places Of Knowledge

Hz. Abu Lays al Samarqandi said:

Seven virtues a person will gain by being present in a place of knowledge (Ilm) even if they do not learn anything:

  1. They will gain the Thawaab gained by the Ilm students.
  2. They will be protected from sinning as long as they sit there.
  3. If they leave their house with the intention of gaining Ilm then mercy will rain upon them.
  4. When he sist together with the students, when mercy and peace rains upon the students, he will also benefit.
  5. As he listens to the Alim, he will be rewarded with Ibadaha Thawaab.
  6. If he feels sadness in his heart because he does not understand the subject, then he will be among those who Allah says: “I am together with those who have sadness in their hearts for my sake.
  7. In this place of knowledge, he will witness the love and respect towards the Alim's and the shunning of sins and evil, therefore his heart will warm towards the Ulema and knowledge.

Because of all these virtues, Rasulullah (s.a.w.) has advised people to continue to attend the knowledge circles of the pious.

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