The Holy Quran Is A Shifa (Healing) For The Faithful

Allah (S.W.T.) says in the 82nd Ayah of Surah Al- Isra: “And We send down from the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to those who, and it increases the Zalimun (wrong-doers) nothing but loss.”

In this Ayah, this world is as if it is likened to a hospital, which is overflowing with patients, sorrow, miseries and maladies, Nabi (S.A.W.) to a physician and the Noble Qur’an to a panacea and a useful nourishment. Undoubtedly, the Holy Qur’an contains the treatment and the cure for all moral, social and spiritual maladies such as disbelief, greed, oppression, hypocrisy, desperation, laziness, ignorance and malicious intentions. In addition, it has been witnessed that many a bodily disease, where traditional medicine has failed to find solution, have been cured through the Qur’an Al-Karim.

Quran is a cure for the spiritual ailments. By means of it, people can maintain their spiritual wellbeing, getting rid of superstitions and bad manners. The whole Quran itself and Surah Al-Fatiha has healing properties for a person who has full faith in this.

Quran Al-Karim has shown humanity the means for all perfectness and the path to salvation. It has prohibited all that leads to destruction and commanded all that leads to ways of bliss here and hereafter. It is a great divine mercy.

On the other hand, the last divine book of Allah will increase nothing expect loss and destruction for those who reject it and those who transgress. Such people do not venerate the Noble Qur’an but attack it with enmity.

When an ailing person does not want to be treated by using the right healing medication but fills his stomach with poisonous and harmful stuff instead, then it means he is committing suicide, he is destroying himself.

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