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About Sadaqah

"O, believers! Spend and give (in the path of Allah) from your Halal earnings and the best of all kinds of goods (especially merchandise and cash) and agricultural produce (grains, fruit, mines, treasures dug out from the ground)."

What will be spent and given in the path of Allah should be from the purest and the best ones. Do not tend to give and pay your debt to Allah Ta‘âlâ from the worthless and faulty ones while you yourselves do not accept them.

And you should know that Allah Ta‘âlâ is al-Ghanî (Rich). He does not need your Sadaqah (charity). Your Sadaqah is for your own benefit and prosperity and Allah Ta‘âlâ is Hamîd and Mahmûd (worthy of all praise). Everybody is required to offer their Hamd (gratitude) to Him. Allah Ta‘âlâ responds to the charity offered to Him by granting his slaves greater Ni‘mahs (gracious favours) and higher rewards. Therefore, only the best and the purest should be presented to Him.

O the wealthy who own the Nisâb amount! Suppose a thought crosses your mind like, “When adhering to the command of spending, what if we become poor by giving the best of what we earn?” in this case, keep in mind that such thoughts are from the Waswasah (wicked insinuation) of Shaytân who has despaired from the mercy of Allah Ta‘âlâ. Indeed, Shaytân,  his allies and Nafs al-Ammârah (the lower-self) who whisper wrong and deceptive thoughts and feelings by imbuing despair openly or secretly against righteous deeds scare you with poverty. They whisper thoughts like, “Do not ever spend in charity; otherwise, you will become poor,” and urge you to do wicked acts. They encourage you to be tight-fisted, miserly, and spend your wealth on useless, evil, immoral acts and disobedience to Allah Ta‘âlâ.

Allah Ta‘âlâ promises you with His Maghfirah (forgiveness), honour, and virtue. In return for your Sadaqah, He grants forgiveness in the Âkhirah, numerous gains and rewards for what you spend in Dunyâ and profound bliss, success, and salvation in the Hereafter.

Allah Ta‘âlâ is the most generous and the All-Knowing. He rewards you what you give in charity, and it is not difficult for Him to fulfil His promise.

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