Reading Benefical Books


Rasulullah (S.A.W.) said: "Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave", "One who does not taste will not know", "Man feels enmity towards what he does not know.’’

It is impossible for everybody to know everything and it is impossible not to err. Therefore, there is a necessity to give on attentive ear to the learned. If a person insists on not listening to them then it becomes apparent that he insists on erring and not changing his opinions. When a person may not notice something, another person can.

A nation that does not feed the growing minds, the youth, with proper and beneficial books then such youth will become corrupt. Books show the spiritual and physical realities to people like light houses even in the dark eras.

The sun illuminates the world and books illuminate people and darkened hearts. The last book of Allah (S.W.T.), the Holy Qur’an is an ocean of knowledge and wisdom that flows into hearts with its rays of light that spread throughout the universe.

It is the Noble Qur’an that teaches Allah (S.W.T.) is the Rabb and man is the servant.

The most valuable asset of human beings is time. A person who reads a useful book gains a lot. A good sharp sword cannot be made out of scrap metal. A hyacinth cannot grow in barren soil. Likewise, we should seek dignity in the books we read. Knowingly, even animals choose which grass to eat. A smart mu’min chooses respectable books to read. The person who weaves mats from reeds knows how to weave but he cannot weave silk. When a believer does not choose the right reading material he can harm himself.

We cannot just read ‘‘whatever we find’’ but we should be very selective in what we read.

You enjoy reading when the book starts to talk to you. Reading is an amazing faculty. The ability to do research and read well develops in the ages of the twenties. Compared to adults and seniors, reading and researching is harder for the young. Because they are very active and energetic and cannot sit still. However, the youth also need to get into the habit and ability of reading and researching. One needs to remember those scholars of the past who spent thirty, forty or fifty years on books by candle light. Reading a lot should not mean to read newspapers but beneficial and real books.