Pray (Nâfilah) at Night

Rasûlullah (sallallâhu alayhi wa sallam) said: “If a person goes to his bed intending to get up and pray (Nâfilah) at night, then sleep overwhelms him until morning (time of Fajr), (the reward of) what he intended will be recorded for him as rewards and his sleep is a charity given to him

Pray (Nâfilah) at Night


Sleeping more or less than what the body needs leads to many health problems, particularly heart and coronary diseases. Excessive sleep leads to obesity, hypertension, diabetes, loss of muscle tones, respiration diseases, and weakening of the immune system. Therefore, people should form a regular sleep habit. Muslims should avoid sleeping too late, make a habit of waking up at night for Tahajjud Salâh and wake up for Fajr timeously. One should try to abstain from being inactive during the day and exercise regularly. Moreover, the following instructions should be taken into consideration for good sleep:

Have dinner 2-3 hours before the bedtime.

Reduce consumption of hot drinks that contain caffeine which make sleeping difficult such as tea and coffee. Those who have difficulty falling asleep can drink some warm milk or take a warm shower 15 minutes before going to bed to facilitate sleeping.

Do not keep T.V., computer, laptops, cell phones and similar devices in the bedroom. For setting up an alarm, you should rather consider keeping an alarm clock with batteries instead of cell phones.

The temperature in the room where you sleep should neither be too hot nor too cold; it should be between 18 and 21 ° C.

The room where you sleep should be quiet, dimly lit, clean, and tidy.

The mattress and pillow you use should be neither too hard nor too soft.

Take care to lie down on your right side as much as possible. Sleeping on the left side, flat on the stomach or back, might cause some ailments related to respiration and the heart.

Besides, allergy, nasal congestion, sinusitis, overweight, apnoea, thyroid, heart, and arthritis reduce sleep quality. In fact, such diseases prevent the body from resting enough and lead to other ailments as well. Consequently, for a healthy body and life, good sleep is crucial.

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