In addition to its educational activities, the United American Muslim Association strives to ensure that Muslims can worship in accordance with sunnah. It provides the education and companionship services required for Umrah worship, which is a sunnah that every Muslim with financial means wants to fulfill.

Before the Umrah organization, the necessary trainings are given by competent imams in our branches. In our mosques, sunnahs and mustahabs are taught practically over umrah rehearsals.

Transportation and accommodation services for Umrah organization are organized by UAMA and all items to be used are provided from our branches. In the follow-up of visa procedures, those in charge of our branches will assist the pilgrim candidates.

You can find very detailed information on this website.

Our Umrah organization includes Mecca and Medina, and our Prophet (PBUH) is also visited. Daily khatm and religious conversation programs are performed during all visits.

Accomplish the Hajj and the ‘Umrah for Allah (Baqarah, 196)

Our Branches

We wish be a light to humanity with our education nests that provide good personality and moral education for a better world.

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