Noble Qur’ân

Rasûlullah (sallallâhu alayhi wa sallam) said: “There is no poverty concerning any servant reciting the Noble Qur’ân and there are no greater riches (needed) for that servant.” (Al-Musannaf ibn Abî Shaybah)

Noble Qur’ân


He was a Muhâjir (immigrant) Sahâbî (companion) from the sons of Adiyy bin Ka‘b. He was the brother of Umar bin Khattâb (radiyallâhu anhu). His Kunyah was Abû Abdurrahmân.

Zayd (radiyallâhu anhu) was older than Umar (radiyallâhu anhu). He embraced Islam before Hadrat Umar (radiyallâhu anhu) and he was among the early Muhâjirs (immigrant).

Hadrat Zayd (radiyallâhu anhu) joined the battles of Badr, Uhud, Khandaq, several other battles in the company of Rasûlullâh (sallallâhu alayhi wa sallam) and participated in the Pledge of Ridwân.

During the Battle of Uhud, Hadrat Umar (radiyallâhu anhu) offered his own shield to him, but he refused to take it, saying, “I, too want to become a Shahîd (martyr) like you.” Upon which Umar (radiyallâhu anhu) gave it to someone else.

When Rasûlullâh (sallallâhu alayhi wa sallam) established brotherhood between the Muhâjirûn and the Ansâr (helpers), he made Ma‘n bin Adiy (radiyallâhu anhu) his brother. He was the standard-bearer of the army of Islam at the Battle of Yamâmah during the caliphate of Hadrat Abû Bakr (radiyallâhu anhu). He became Shahîd (martyr) with Ma‘n (radiyallâhu anhu).

Hadrat Umar (radiyallâhu anhu) said: “May Allâh show mercy to my brother Zayd. He surpassed me in two good matters: He embraced Islam and became Shahîd before me.”

Umaru’l Fârûq (radiyallâhu anhu) was deeply saddened by his death, so much so that he used to say, “I get the scent of Zayd when the Sabâ wind blows.”

On hearing Mutammim bin Nuwayra (radiyallâhu anhu) recite a eulogy for his brother, Umar (radiyallâhu anhu) remarked: “If I could recite poems as nice as you do, I would also recite eulogies for my brother.” Hadrat Mutammim said, “If my brother attained the high rank like your brother, I would not grieve at all.” Umar (radiyallâhu anhu) said “No one else consoled me better than you have.”

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