Knowledge, Deeds And Sincerity

Imam Rabbani Mujahiddid Alf-Thani (Quddisa Sirruh) wrote in one of his letters:

Indeed Shari’ah (Islamic Canonical Law) is of three parts: Ilm (knowledge), amal (deeds) and ikhlas (sincerity). Shari’ah will not be established unless each of these three parts is practised. Once Shari’ah is established the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala, which is above and beyond all the pleasures of this world and Akhirah (hereafter), will be achieved.

Allah Ta’ala says, “…And the good pleasure of Allah is greater than everything…” (Surah Al-Tawba, 72). Thus, it is clearly understood that Shari’ Sharif (The exalted Islamic Canonical Law)  is the source of all happiness and success here and hereafter.

If the Shari’ah is established, nothing more will be needed or desired beyond Shari’ah. The choicest feature of Ahl Al-Tasawwuf (Sufis) is that they follow Tariqah and Haqiqah, which are facilitators to perfect ikhlas (sincerity), the third part of Shari’ah. (Maktubat Imam Rabbani, Volume1, letter36)

Imam Ghazali (Rahmatullâhi Alayhi) reported that one of the arifin (wise) had said as: “Those who have achieved no share from Tasawwuf are feared to die without iman at their last breath. The lowest level of having a share in Tasawwuf is to affirm its existence and submitting it to the hands of its rightful authorities” (Ihya Ulumuddin).