Ibadah On The Night Of Mi'raj And The Following Day

The 27th night of Rajab al-Sharîf is the Night of M‘irâj. A Hâjah Salâh (Salâh of Needs) consisting of twelve Rak‘ahs should be performed after Ishâ Salâh.

In each Rak‘ah, after Sûrah al-Fâtihah, Surah al-Ikhlâs is recited 10 times.

The intention (Niyyah) can be made as follows: “O, Allâh, for Your pleasure, I have intended to perform Salâh. For the sake of Your beloved Nabî Sallallâhu Alayhi wa Sallam, whom You blessed and favoured by showing him the seven heavens and what they possess, favour this humble servant of Yours with Your forgiveness, grace and pleasure. Allâhu Akbar.”

After Salâh, the following Sûrahs and Du‘â (supplications) are recited:

  • 4 times Sûrah al-Fâtihah,
  • 100 times: “Subhânallâhi wal hamdu lillâhi, walâ ilâha illallâhu wallâhu akbar, walâ hawla walâ quwwata illâ billâhil ‘aliyyil ‘azîm.”
  • 100 times Istighfâr Sharîf,
  • 100 Salawât (Durood) Sharîfah.

Then, Du‘â is made.

This Salâh can be performed by reciting Sûrah al-Ikhlâs 100 times and it can be completed in ten Rak‘ah, or Ikhlâs Sharîf can be recited ten times and Salâh can  be  completed in 100 Rak‘ah. Those Mu’mins (believers) who perform this Salâh will, hopefully with the Barakâh of this prayer, not stand in the court of Allâh Ta’âlâ on the Day of Judgement while having a debt of Salâh (he will be able to fulfil his Salah obligations).

In a Hadîth al-Sharîf, it was promised that whoever fasts on the day following the Night  of M‘irâj will be rewarded with sixty-months of (Nafil) fasting. On the same day (the 27th of Rajab al-Sharîf), a Salâh consisting of four Rak‘ah is performed. In each Rak‘ah, after Sûrah al-Fâtihah, 5 times Âyah al-Kursî, 5 times Sûrah al-Kâfirûn, 5 times Sûrah al-Ikhlâs, 5 times Sûrah al-Falaq, and 5 times Sûrah al-Nâs are recited.

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