Following The Sahaba (The Companions)

Imam Rabbani (Quddisa Sirruhu), in one of his letters, stated the following:

Each sects, among the seventy-three (declared in a Hadith Shareef), claim that they are the true followers of the Shari`ah and they firmly believe that they are among the sect to be saved from fire. The Ayah that translates: “Each group rejoicing in its circle. (Surah Rum, 32)” testify their situations. As for the evidence regarding the separation of Firqah Al-Najiyah (the saved group) from the corrupt sects, Nabiyyu Sadiq (Truthful Prophet) (May the most perfect salutations and peace be on Him) said: “They are those who follow the way which I and my companions follow.” Although it was sufficient to mention the name of the sahib al-shari`ah (owner of the religion) (May the salutations and peace be on him), the sahabas’ names were also mentioned in the hadith. This may come to mean: “My path is exactly the path of my companions.” and “Salvation depends on following the path of my companions and by no other ways”. As a matter of fact, Allah (Ta`ala) says: “He who obeys the Prophet has obeyed Allah; but those who turn away - We have not sent you over them as a guardian.” Therefore, obedience to the Prophet is exactly obedience to Allah (Ta`ala) and to oppose him is exactly opposing Allah (Taqaddasa).

Allah (Ta`ala) makes mention of a community who falsely believed that obeying Allah is separate from obeying the Prophet. Allah (Ta`ala) informs us that they are disbelievers: “…and they want to discriminate between Allah and His prophets and say: ‘We believe in some and disbelieve in others.’” (Surah Al-Nisa, Ayah 150). 

To brief, the claim of following Nabi (Sallallâhu alaihi wa sallam) without following the path of companions is a false claim. Indeed, this sort of an ittiba’ (following) is exactly disobeying the Prophet (saw). How is it possible, then, to expect salvation with this corrupt belief? The verse that translates as “…and they think that they are (standing) on something, unquestionably it is they who are the liars.” (Surah Mujadalah-18) is explaining their situations. There is no doubt, the group which believe in the necessity of adhering to the ways of companions (May Allah be pleased with them) is Ahli-Sunnah Wal Jamaa`ah, May Allah accept the efforts of scholars of Ahli Sunnah. They are the group to be saved from fire (Firqah Al-Najiyah)

(Maktubati Imam Rabbani, vol.1, letter 80)


Source: UAMA Daily Life Guide

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