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F.A.Q About Zakat

Answers to common questions related to zakat.

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However by donating your Zakat to members of institutions that are educating the children in the Diyn of Allah or Associations that are aiding the poor families/orphan children, you are executing the Zakat ibadeh through the means of a surrogate. Due to this, UAMA and its sister branches; which specialize in the teachings of the Diyn and the Qur’an to its full time boarding and part time daily students- is the most sufficient establishment to carry out these donations (Zakat, Fitre, Qurbani, etc.).


It is permissible to aid with Zakat a poor person to pay their wedding expenses or to aid a poor family so that their child can be circumsized. However, to completely pay for all of the expenses yourself of the above stated events through Zakat is not acceptable due to the uncertainty of the presence of fortunate and rich people amongst the guests whom Zakat are not supposed to be given to. The correct thing to do would be to gift the finances to the families or parents of the above mentioned individuals.


It is permissible to donate to organizations that offer medical aid to poor and needy people with the permission of these individuals if the people that they are aiding fall under the “poor” category set by the Islamic Law.


There are basic principles set amongst each country for the way that taxes are accounted and paid for just as how there are basic principles set by the Qur’an for what Zakat is and how it is spent. Due to this reasoning, tax cannot be counted for Zakat.


The characteristics of the individuals who deserve to be given Zakat are listed in the Qur;an-I Kareem in Sura-I Tevbe ……….. The person who is going to gift Zakat must first research the individual he would like to give Zakat to. However if a Zakat is given to a person without any research and that individual is deserving of Zakat, the Zakat stands. If the person is not researched before hand and is given Zakat and the individual is actually rich and not poor, the Zakat must be paid again correctly to someone that is deserving.


If an individual possesses any assets that holds value equal to or greater then 80 grams of gold for over a year, he is obliged for paying Zakat as soon as possible. It is not permissible to delay it for a further year. However it is more beneficial to give Zakat during the time of Ramadhan, where a Nafilah is gifted with the Sewap of a Fardh and one Fardh counts as seven Fardh, when it is the most precise time to give “Ind-Allah”. If the individual does not give the Zakat during Ramadhan, then they must pay it as soon as possible.


During the first ages of Islam, silver coins called “Dirhem” and gold coins called “Pinar” were invented and as time progressed, currencies grew as well. Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies can be added to other assets and can be calculated and paid Zakat for accordingly. 


The funds in a retirement plan are counted towards the “Provable Debts”. However the fact stands that there is a huge difference in the funds being withdrawn present day and when it actually matures. In this case, when an individual is calculating their Zakat, they should also add the present amount in their retirement funds into their assets. The individual should also bear in mind that there are fees and penalties that are deducted if they are to withdraw their funds with their present-day values.


The individual that will be paying Zakat can prepare their funds with the intention of paying Zakat and give it to a surrogate in which they will pay their Zakat for the original owner in the means the owner demands (shared to the poor, needy people, non-profit organizations, et.) It is also permissible for the owner to pay their Zakat through mail, bank transfer or other EFT’s.



It is permissible for someone to pay their Zakat after reaching the Nisab value before it is due.


If the guaranteed loan has a guaranteed time and payment, it is permissible. 


Yes it is permissible. For example, if you are due to pay $100.00 in Zakat, you may pay it in monthly installments with the intention of paying Zakat. 
Ex: 4 equal monthly payments of $25.00 = a total of $100.00 in Zakat paid over 4 months. 


A business/trade owner may pay their Zakat through goods and other materials if the value of those said valuables equal the Zakat amount. Livestock such as goat, sheep, cattle, camel and etc can also be counted towards Zakat or other valuable goods as long as the value’s are met.

You may pay Zakat with a credit card, however the payer must bear in mind that they pay the credit debt in time to avoid any interest charges. The likable method would be for the payer to not pay through a credit card if they will not be able to fully pay the debt before any interest charges and to pay the Zakat in cash or tradable goods to prevent any interest charges.


Future loans/payments can not be deducted from the curent years Zakat. 
For example; if you are paying a $100,000 house loan over a 20 year time period, you may deduct the current years payments however not the future years. 

Most of the Ulamah’s favor this opinion, however there are some that claim that someone that has debt does not own that material and therefore does not have to pay Zakat.

If the person to whom the scholarship is given does not have a fortune worth 200 dirhams silver or 20 mikal gold, it can be counted instead of the amount given to that person. If the receiver of this Zakat as a grant/scholarship falls under Nisab value, it is permissible to give it to them as a Zakat.



If a person has any assets, cash or valuables left over in their possession or in their bank for over a year after paying for all of their basic necessities for themselves and the obliged people they are to take care of; it is accountable for Zakat. They can not claim that they are holding this money for the next coming years.


Some Manners Of Zakat

To give the Zakat with the intention of cleaning the heart of everything apart from the love of Allah. To give with the intention of riding the heart of stinginess. To give with the intention of showing gratitude to the blessings from Allah.

Zakat Is The Bridge Of Islam

After the foundations of religion are laid with Iman and its pillars raised with Salah, Zakat stands as a bridge to complete this structure. This is because, the magnificent building of Islam constructed for our protection here...

Miscellenous Matters Pertaining Zakat

Zakat is related to wealth, and not to individuals. When it becomes due (Fardh) to pay Zakat of some wealth and the wealth is lost, the obligation of Zakat falls off. However, if the owner of the...

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