Do Not Despair Of Allah's Mercy

In the 53rd Ayah of Surah Al-Zumar Allah (S.W.T.) says: ‘‘…Oh my slaves who have transgressed against themselves! Despair not of the mercy of Allah! Verily Allah forgives all sins.’’

These sacred words indicate to us the vastness of Allah’s mercy for the faithful and the extent of His maghfirah (forgiving). This verse encourages people to turn to the right path whilst still they have a chance to organize their lives and surrender to their Rabb. On the other hand, this verse addresses those who deserved to be punished that their regret will have no joyous outcome if they procrastinate their regret and repentance. Some scholars claim that this ayah is the only ayah that gives hope to the desperate. However, in the following Ayat (verses) 54 and 55, is understood that this hope is not given to encourage people to commit more sins but to encourage the sinners to hasten to quit committing sins and to repent.

The reason of the revelation of this verse was explained by Ibn Abbas (Radhiyallahu Anhu) as follows: ‘‘The mushrikin of Makkah Mukarramah said: ‘‘Muhammad (S.A.W.) is claiming that idol worshippers and those who claim that there are deities besides Allah and those who kill a human being without a valid reason will not be forgiven by Allah. So, how can we become Muslims?’’ Upon this Allah (S.W.T.) sent this verse, informing and reminding them that living as a polytheist after despairing of the mercy of Allah was not right. Allah (S.W.T.) might forgive a servant of His who understands his mistake and repents. He will not chastise him for his previous transgression, even though his previous sins might be as much as the foams of the sea.

In the 54th Ayah of Surah Al-Zumar, Allah (S.W.T.) says: ‘‘Do not despair and turn to your Rabb before the torment befalls you and surrender to Him sincerely. Otherwise you will perish, and you will not be helped.’’ This verse clearly indicates that iman-e-ya’is (believing at the time of desperation) will have no benefit for those who lived by rebelling against Allah but at the time of death they understood the truth and now wanted to believe in Him, as pointed out with the words ‘‘Before the torment befalls you.’’

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