Characteristics Of A Kamil (Perfect) Mu'min

Our Noble Prophet (Sallalahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) said: “Indeed these qualities are among the characteristics of a kamil mu’min:

He is firm in his religion. He carries out his affairs easily and gently but properly. He has yaqin (firm belief) in his iman.

He is passionate about ilm (knowledge) and learning. He is well balanced in love and compassion.

Together with knowledge (ilm) he has hilm (he is wise, patient, tolerant and kind towards the ignorance and faults of people.)

He economizes at the time of wealth (He is neither miserly nor extravagant). He never complains even in times of adversity and poverty. He abstains from greed, and earns in Halal (lawful) means.

He fulfils the commands of Allah (S.W.T.) properly.

He keeps away from following the desires of the nafs (lower-self).

He is compassionate towards the people inflicted with physical, spiritual or financial difficulties and distress.

Of course, a mu’min does not oppress even his opponent or enemy.

He overlooks the mistakes of people, but he enjoins the good and forbids the evil for them.

He does not neglect what is entrusted to him (he does not betray the trust of Allah (S.W.T.), both physical and spiritual, nor the trust of people).

He does not envy people, nor speak ill of them.

He does not curse or make malignant du’as for people. He does not label them.

He makes his Salah in serenity and he hastens in giving Zakah.

When his blessings are abundant, he praises his Rabb a lot. He keeps his dignity in times of turmoil, and distress. He is satisfied with what he has. He does not ask for more than he has been given. He does not accumulate wealth greedily. He does not act stingily in giving away things, in charity, by obeying the injunction of Allah (S.W.T.).

He mixes with people in order to learn and teach the good, He talks to people to understand their situations.

If he is abused in anyway, he observes patience until Allah (S.W.T.)’s help reaches him.

(Faydh Al-Qadir)

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