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UAMA is offering an opportunity for all adults to learn their religion. By submitting the application on this page, you may also join our Educational Circle and learn your religion without any fees.

Would you not want to recite the beautiful Qur’an-i Qareem following Tajweed guidelines, learn the life of our Prophet SAW and learn the fundamentals of Islam as well?

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Müslüman kardeşimiz! UAMA Uzaktan Eğitim Hizmeti ile İslam dini ile ilgili temel bilgileri almak, Kur'an-ı Kerim'i tecvidli okuyabilmek ve ibadetleri uygulamalı olarak öğrenebilmek için bu formu doldurunuz. Form bize ulaştıktan kısa süre sonra size en yakın yurdumuzdan sizinle irtibata geçilecek.

Why UAMA for Education?

The UAMA is an educational Non-profit Institution.

Our main goal is to educate the entire world with the correct etiquettes of the Religion.

The UAMA believes that a livable world can only be possible with people who have knowledge and sincere commitment (ikhlas). Reaching the religious knowledge and practice that every Muslim should have… to the large masses is considered as the first step of educational goals.

We provide an Islamic education to everyone in the Ummah.

Regardless of age our Ahli Sunnah scholars will provide the necessary and required education for you.

Adult Education Child Education

With your donations

We serve Muslims

The United American Muslim Association (UAMA) was established on May 29th 1980 to provide permanent solutions for the Muslims in North America with their religious needs, primarily by providing appropriate places to worship and providing an Islamic education for the youth.


Starting point; In the light of the Sunnah and Quran, it is to raise and educate Muslims who benefit themselves, his family, his environment, his country and all of humanity. To provide an exceptional Islamic education in accordance with Ahli-Sunnah Wa'l-Jamaah for every Muslim with or without access to education.

Mosque Services

UAMA also carries out activities that will allow Muslims living in North America to perform their worship such as, Zakah-Fitrah-Charity, Sacrifice/Udhiyyah, Funeral/Janazah, Wedding, etc..

UAMA has a desire for every person to maintain their Allah SWT given purity, honesty, to have high morality, to gain superior qualities, to evolve in their knowledge, to transmit it to humanity and all of our brothers and sisters in any part of the world. 

UAMA delivers the donations it collects from people with high awareness, to every needy person regardless of culture, race or ethnicity , by giving priority to education. 

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Our Branches

We wish be a light to humanity with our education nests that provide good personality and moral education for a better world.

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