Acquiring Knowledge

After learning the tenets of Ahl Al-Sunnah from the right sources and having full faith in them, it is necessary for both Muslim men and Muslim women to acquire knowledge sufficient to adorn themselves with good manners, to safeguard themselves from vices. Every Muslim man should teach his wife, children, and those under his care the basics of the religion and protect them from things that are not in the religion. For example, it is Fardh (obligatory) to teach matters to do with Wudhu, Salah, Sawm, Zakah, and Hajj (for the rich).

Each Muslim should know the rulings and requirements of Islam.

Umar bin Abdulaziz (RAH.) said: “A person who worships without knowledge is like the one who knocked down most of the building which he built.”

Those who do not beautify themselves with knowledge will follow their nafs (carnal desires). They will be busy with useless things since they do not have ilm. Such people are compared to a frightened elephant in a ruined place, which will destroy anything it will come across. However, the knowledge of a person will enable him to abstain from following his base desires and will help him to protect himself and follow the straight path. In this case, knowledge acts like an officer. The knowledge that is not backed by intellect and knowledge that does not make its owner dignified will only be a cause of humiliation. If Allah (S.W.T.) wishes good for an ummah, He bestows knowledge to their rulers and wealth to their ulama (scholars).

Ilm is protective for rulers because it keeps them away from oppressing people enables them to incline towards kindness and tolerance. It prevents them from harshness and chastisement. It makes them kind and merciful towards their subjects. Ibn Abbas (Radhiyallahu Anhu) said: “Allah (S.W.T.) gave Sulaiman (A.S.) the option to take anything he wished from ilm and wealth. Since Sulaiman (A.S.) preferred ilm over wealth, Allah (S.W.T.) bestowed upon him both wealth and ilm."