United American Muslim Association Weekly Sermon


20 November 2009 11:27

Dear Respected Brothers!
Because we are in Haaj season, our khutbe today will be about the importance of the worship of Haaj and the divine secrets of the first ten days of Islamic month of Zilhicce.

In order to call attention to the divine importance, merits and secrets of times and locations, Allah (JJ) took oath in numerous Verses of the Holy Qur’an with expressions like “Vennecmi”, “Velleyli”, “Veşşemsi”, “Vedduha”, “Vel-asri”. In the Verse I read above, Allah (JJ) ordains the following: “ by the Down, by the ten nights, by the even and odds, and by the night when it passes away, Is there (not) in these evidence for those who understand?” It is reported by mufessirs that this Verse is about the first ten days of Zilhicce.

The first ten days of Zilhicce which contains Eid’ul Edha are among the days, in which the divine secrets occur similar to the last ten days of Ramadan, and the first ten days of Muharrem. The events lived by Hz. Ibrahim, his wife Hacer and his son Ismail (AS) and the divine happinings are all in this context. Divine Blessing of Allah (JJ), forgivence of the sins, emancipation from the Hell, getting spritually closer to Allah (JJ) through the Sacrifices, rewards gained with the worship of Haaj are among divine occurances of these nights. In one

hadis our beloved Prophet (SAV) said the following: “No day, in which there is worship, is more likeable to Allah than first ten days of Zilhicce. Fasting for a day in them is equal to fasting for a year; worshipping in a night in those days is equal to worshipping in the night of Qadir.” In other hadis Rasulullah (SAV) said “There are no deeds as excellent as those done in these ten days”. Companions of the Prophet (SAV) asked “ Not even Jihad?” Rasulullah (SAV) replied “No, not even Jihâd except a man who goes forth endangering his life and wealth and does not return with anything”

Honorable Muslims:
Month of Zilhicce is the twelveth month of hicri calender and it is the month of Haaj and the month of general forgivness. It is the time Muslims climb to the Arafat. It is a month in which millions of Sacrifices are submitted to Allah.

In a hadith reported by Ebu Hureyre Rasulullah (SAV) says the following “Whoever performs Haaj and during this Haaj he does not approach his spouse and does not commit any crime, he is getting cleaned from his sins as he was borned from his mother.” In another hadith Prophet (SAV) said “Islam cleans the sins commited before it, Hicret cleans the sins commited before it, and Haaj cleans the sins commited before it.

Invitation of Haaj is exclusively from the Allah (JJ). When a muslim goes out with the intention of Haaj, rewards will be given for each step and his degree is raised. If he does vakfe in the Arafe Allah (JJ) ordains His Angels “Oh my angels, what brings my servants here? Angels reply “They ask for Your Consent and your Paradise” Allah (JJ) ordains “ I am Keeping Myself and all My Creations as witnesses that I forgive them. I forgive their sins even if their sins are as many as the sands of the desert and the days of the world”

Respected Muslims:
Thoughtfull and conscious Muslims should act in accordance of what we tried to explain above and try to utilize the days and nights of the first ten days of Zilhicce. Those who go to Haaj journey should be aware of the blessing that they are having and act accordingly. Those who can not make the journey of Haaj should try to fast these 9 days before the Eid’ul Edha. He should not eat anything on the tenth day and break his fast with the meat of sacrificed animal. If we can not do this, we should at least fast eight and ninth days. In these days we should make a lot of prayers and worships tesbih, istigfar and salavat.

Next Friday is Eid ul Adha. Eid prayer will be at 8:30 am. Our mosques will open at 6:00am. If you to come with your car, you can park your car on designated parking area on 8th avenue, between 60th and 57th street. Parking permits are outside
For brothers who wish to donate qurbani for the Muslims in Afrika, endonesia and other Muslim countries, you can give it until the evening of eid ul adha, Friday 27th..

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