9/11 Message of UAMA
Image9/11 attacks showed us one more time that terrorism is an international problem!

September 11, 2001 left an indelible mark on our new home of America and on the world-just as vivid and painful now as it was that morning. While we have yet to comprehend such horrific acts, and though we cannot erase the pain, we should be comforted by reflecting on the remarkable accounts of heroism the world witnessed on that very day. 9/11 attacks showed us one more time that terrorism is an international problem as the Republic of Turkey our home land government(s) has been trying to bring to the attention of the international community for 40 years.

Acts challenging terrorism. Terrorism has no religion, language or origin. UAMA again reminds that associating terror with religion and ethnical identities was/is one of the greatest dangers of our time, adding neither terrorists that staged the 9/11 attacks represented Islam. Respecting each other's differences and living with tolerance will be the best response to terrorism. As our mother country of the Republic of Turkey has also been subjected to years of terror by PKK, ASALA and JCAG terrorists groups. We as Americans of Turkish descent truly understand and share the grief of our fellow Americans. We will always remember our own personal stories of hope, and offer your thoughts, prayers, and moral support today for the casualties of 9/11, our soldiers, firemen police, their families and others who are at a dark time of their lives and need to remember that hope is eternal. 12 years ago, nearly three thousand innocent people perished on September 11. Many of us in Brooklyn, Staten Island lost loved ones, neighbors and friends.

Today, we remember them. Perhaps we honor them best by remembering the spirit of unity that arose from the ashes and reminded us of our common humanity. This anniversary offers us an opportunity to reflect the values of the God to whom we have given our allegiance. Let us remember those who were lost and memorialize this day by committing our lives to the things that make for peace. Drawing closer to those who suffer, cultivating understanding in the midst of suspicion, finding truth in the arguments of those with whom we disagree, embracing some measure of personal sacrifice today to make a better world for our children and grandchildren tomorrow. Let us gather always — not amidst the ruins of all that has been torn down — but in the midst of that new world of peace and security for all, which we have built up together.

Once again, UAMA calls on the community at large today, to pause and remember the men, women and children whose lives were senselessly and tragically lost to terrorism.

United American Muslim Association, Inc.
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9/11 Message of UAMA