Memorial Day Message
ImageMemorial Day, perhaps more than any other holiday was born of human necessity.

Deep inside all of us lies a fundamental desire to make sense of life and our place in it and the world. What we have been given, what we will do with it and what we will pass to the next generation is all part of an unfolding history, a continuum that links one soul to another. We at the United American Muslim Association, UAMA this Memorial Day we remember the men and women who have so honorably served our new home of America throughout history. We remember their courage, their selflessness and their dedication. We remember the hardship, the suffering and the sacrifice they endured. It is impossible to think of a world in which America was not there, in the honorable service of humanity. This Memorial day weekend our deepest sympathies go out again to all those whose lives have been affected in the towns around Moore ,Oklahoma and to the entire State. On Monday, when the Stars and the Stripes are lowered to half-mast, we, the people of Turkish descent and at United American Muslim Association we will bow our heads with you our fellow Americans. On Memorial Day and every day, we remember with respect those who have fought to defend our democratic ideals and secure our freedoms. With deep gratitude, we salute our country’s brave and honorable veterans.

May God Bless America

United American Muslim Associations, Inc.

Memorial Day Message