A.M.B. Joplin'in Acısını Paylaşıyor
ImageA.M.B. Joplin'deki kasırga felaketi için governor Nixon'a gönderdiği mesajda bölge halkının acılarını paylaştı ve en yakın zamanda yaraların sarılması için dualarını iletti.

Honorable Governor Jay Nixon;

Please accept our heartfelt condolences for the fellow Americans who lost their lives in Joplin, Missouri and wish a speedy recovery to those were injured as a result of this natural disaster, a great tragedy.

Face of sudden and shocking magnitude of such disaster is difficult to overcome. My family is a survivor of an earthquake of magnitude 7 which leveled the city of Duzce-Turkey back in late 90s. It is pretty hard to forget the enormous dust clouds rising from the rubbles of collapsed buildings and smoke bewildering from the fires.

However, I also remember the exceptional spirit of America extending its hand all the way across the Atlantic through President Clinton.

It is true that it will take time to heal, yet feeling of not being forgotten through a prayer, a hand extending a cookie, and strangers running around like busy ants to help recovery will surely make it easier.

Honorable Governor, Your authority encompasses much greater challenges having a compassion and warmth of a mother for those who are in tears, being a father for those who have no place to go and need a direction to reset their lives, knowing that You are there to guide them.

We are here to do our part as well. Residents of Joplin should know that their friends in Brooklyn, NY are praying for them and think about them constantly.

In closing, we wish the Governor the best of health and strength in overcoming this tragedy along with prayers and best wishes to everyone involved in this effort of making Joplin better than it was.


Mehmet Kalkan

Secretary UAMA

A.M.B. Joplin'in Acısını Paylaşıyor